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    Zitat von Vinny@Fauna Marin: „Hi Zoltan, Yes, that dosing amount is correct if you are following the Prime Frag System. Dosing times are up to you. :)“ Nice, thank you! Tapatalkkal küldve az én BAH-L09 eszközömről

  • Hi All! Is that correct that the coral sprint dosing in US Style P.S. is 5x more than the regular? Coral sprint HTU: 1 Dosing spoon per 500 L or 132 US gal, add every 2 days US S.P.S. HTU: Coral Sprint: 1 Dosing spoon per 100 liters (26 gal) every 2 days Is this correct? My other question is, should I feed Coral sprint, Coral balance, Reef vitality at night or it's not important? Regards, Zoltan