Color problem !

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    • Color problem !

      hi everybody,
      I am having a color problem in tank. Colors were normal in the first times, last 4 months are very bad. Bad poly extension, bad color pygmet.

      My tank specification;
      60x60x35h (Total=150liter)
      Reef octopus 2000 int protein skimmer
      I using 50-100g piopellet in my diy pellet reactor
      Wave :Ecotech mp40w and tunze 6045
      t5 and led combination lighting

      My tank parameters;
      kh: 8.7
      No3: 0 ppm salifert
      Po4: 0.002 or 0.03 hanna checker
      potassium: 400


      I use faunamarin ultra balling set and color element.
      Daily 0.3ml a min and 0.6ml min s.

      And some pictures;

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    • Hi there,

      How much of each bottle CE are you dosing and how often?

      I notice the colors on your SPS tissue are on pale. This is due to a lack of nutrients in the water, too low NO3 and PO4. At near-zero levels, the corals have less food to consume from the water column. Adding Coral Sprint will provide your SPS with food that will help boost coloration and bring back the deeper colors. Ultra Organic which is an organic-based trace element will also help in this regard.

      Increasing NO3 to 2-5ppm will also help bring back some colors on the coral. This can be accomplished by feeding the fish more or running less bio-pellets. Of course running less bio-pellets would also mean having to adjust the flow rate going through your reactor. I would save that option as a last resort.

      Have you tested your Potassium?
    • Thanks for your feedback,

      I have been using weekly 1.5-2ml color elements for 6 months. I have been feeding the fish two times daily. But nitrate level is not rising 0 ppm.

      I have ultra oganic , what is your dosage suggestion?(I never use )

      Yes i have tested potassium level regularly. My potassium level 400ppm now.(salifert)
    • I saw some AEFW in my tank in last week. after than dip all sps corals. The colors got more lost. But polyp extension is upgraded. ( you can see in the photo)

      I continue with the routines I have specified. (water exchange ...)
      My nitrate level gone to 5 - 10 ppm with ultra organic. ( just 3 dose 0.8ml)
      Finally , ı decided to upgrade my lighting . I was using 2 t5 bulb with led, now upgrade to 6 t5 bulb.

      I am waiting for the results, I wonder how it will be.

      I look forward to your suggestions ...

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    • Since there were AEFW present in the tank, that would surely have a negative effect on acro coloration for some pieces. It would be best to stay on top of the pieces where you found the AEFW and make sure there are no eggs remaining.

      As for the parameters, keep your Alkalinity between 6.5 and 7.5 dKH.

      The addition of the new lights will certainly help with coloration and growth also. Do keep an eye on your CA and ALK over the next 2-3 weeks as consumption is likely in increase.