Carbon should be Use 24/7 ?

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    • Carbon should be Use 24/7 ?


      Hi Fauna Team

      I follow the balling light protocol more than 1 year with succes, in addition of that is turn with 500ml of Biopellets for 600L . And follow the calendar for CB CS RV.

      My question is simple.
      Should we use carbon in a small fluidizes reactor 24/7 or not? because I do that until many years, but I read many article said that it's no necessary, or dangerous. I perfere follow advice of great professionnal as Fauna.


    • Neu

      Hi Gerlad,

      There are some carbon medias out there that are more harsh than others due to their super high surface area. These kinds of carbon should typically be used with care, making sure to not use too much because it may result in negatively affecting the fishes.

      If you are using a carbon such as Carb L, you can safely run it 24/7 as long as you do not add well over the recommended amount.