Advice on water analysis report

    • Advice on water analysis report

      Hi Vinny,
      I got my water analysis report and there are some findings that would need your advice on improving
      pls see attached image

      Some that look off are

      1) Lithium
      2) Iodine
      3) Molybdenum

      Main Element
      4) Calcium
      5) Boron
      6) Strontium

      7) Aluminum

      8) Phosphorus
      • Main Elements.JPG

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      • Micronutrients.JPG

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      • Nutrients.JPG

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      • Pollutants.JPG

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    • Lithium and Iodine
      Deficiencies can be fixed by dosing more CE Blue and Red.

      Molybdenum and Aluminum
      This will not hurt any coral at your present level. A water change can lower this.

      Add 10-15% more calcium supplement

      CE Blue contains this element. Adding more will increase this parameter within the desirable range.

      Ultra Easy CA + SR will help increase both Calcium and Strontium
      If you are using the full FM Balling Light system, you can add 15-20% more Trace B1 to your KH container on the next refill. B1 also contains Strontium.