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  • Hello Utku, As long as BLEND is kept away from direct light and in a cool area, adding via a dosing pump is safe to do.

  • 1. With your NO3 level currently at 2ppm, increasing the Min S dosage may result in a green film on the tank walls. This would be a sign of excess product being introduced into the aquarium. Typically, lower nutrient systems need smaller doses of Min S. If you wish to increase the amount of available food, you can increase Organic only and continue dosing the current amount of Min S. 2. Yes, do remove Phos 0,04 at least until your PO4 level is at least 0.04 mg/L. 3. It would be best to prepare e…

  • Hi there, I would advise against adding an ATS and NPX pellets because it will reduce NO3 and cause other issues in the process. NO3 at 10ppm is not bad. PO4 needs to increase. Preferably between 0.03 - 0.05mg/L. If you wish to strengthen the NO3 reduction effect, I recommend you begin dosing Ultra Bak or using Bacto Reef Balls.

  • You can increase BAK to 1.25ml daily. Look for any changes to the system which may be contributing to the NO3 accumulation. There has to be something in the system which is elevating NO3 to 25ppm, especially if your dosages have remained consistent.

  • You can stop CB to run this test, but do keep an eye on your coral colors. Stopping CB will put a limitation on the nutrient reduction effect and you may end up seeing a slight increase in NO3 and PO4. My suggestion would be to continue dosing the CB at the current amounts and siphon the patches of build-up you see in your sump. As long as colors are holding steady, this build-up is not causing any adverse effect to the overall well being of your coral. CB was originally out of the Zeo-Light sys…

  • ml is correct

  • 1 year after opening. It just passed expiration. Please replace with a fresh bottle.

  • If it is only small patches, let the cyano run its course. Siphon areas where the cyano is appearing. Reduce BIO by 1 drop.

  • Hi there, No issues will happen. You are still early in the treatment period. Continue dosing after the lights turn OFF.

  • Hi, Both AMIN and Ultra Min S will benefit your corals. Adding AMIN to the Prime Frag system will provide corals with additional amino acids which are not present in Ultra Min S. These aminos will help improve coral tissue coloration and growth. If you find that your NO3 levels are 5 and below, AMIN will become even more beneficial as it re-introduces a source of nutrition that may not be readily available in low NO3 aquariums.

  • Ultra clam

    Vinny@Fauna Marin - - Fauna Marin Products


    Ultra Clam can be fed 2-3 times per week in small portions. Feeding times can be any time of the day. The amount of each portion will depend on the number of clams and filter feeders present in your aquarium. To prepare the food, take a sample cup of tank water, add a small amount of Ultra Clam to the cup, shake well, then pour into the high flow area of the aquarium.

  • Increase PowerPhos to 450ml. Sudden spike in PO4 likely caused the color shift and accelerated algae growth. That is assuming all other maintenance habits remain consistent. Check your other parameters for any changes outside of the normal values and adjust were needed. Check temperature too. Increased average temp will also accelerate algae growth and alter coral color depending on the % temp increase.

  • Since Blend and Therapy are already being dosed, you can increase the dosage for each by 10% and maintain the new dose for 2-3 weeks. If no changes are noticed with this increase, add Ultra Bak. Starting dosage for Ultra Bak should be 50% of the recommended dose with 10% weekly increase until you reach the desirable NO3 range. Ultra Bak itself poses no risk to the coral. The risk comes from dropping the NO3 level too fast. That's why we recommend starting with a lower dosage and slowly working y…

  • Hello William, Ultra Min S is our own mixture of vitamins and amino acids which provide all types of coral with baseline nutrients that benefit overall coral health. This product in particular can be added either manually or by dosing pump. It does not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept in an cool area where there is no direct or indirect light. Aquariums that have higher NO3 levels (15+ppm), tend to need a higher dose of Min S. We recommend starting with 50% of the recommended dose, th…

  • Hello Robbie, I recommend running half the amount of flow through the reactor. When the vibe reactor turns ON, the flow should just be enough to suspend lose particles up and out of the reactor body.

  • You did good with quickly doing the water changes. Based on your K+ levels, I would suspect the tissue die-off was caused by excess potassium or a sudden spike. At this point keep an eye on your NO2/3 levels, making sure they do not spike as a result of the coral reaction. Swap the PO4 remover and carbon after 4 weeks and continue with this filter method. If tissue continues to peel, remove the coral. K level at 370 is just below the recommended range. I suggest adding potassium only when needed…

  • Hi there, That does not look good. It looks like the fluid may have been exposed to direct light and/or excess humidity. - Please return this bottle and exchange for a new one.

  • Hello Asif, Dino X will have no impact on the bacteria in your aquarium. You should however postpone any Bio and Bak dosages during Dino X treatment. After the treatment, you can resume your regular dosages. Regarding the macro algae and reactor, if you can circulate water separately through the reactor that would be preferred. That way the algae is not coming in contact with the aquarium water that is getting the Dino X treatment.

  • What are you running for lights? How long is your photoperiod? Do you have any other flow pumps in the tank? What is the average temperature for your tank? How much does it fluctuate between night and day? Cyano is fuels by several factors such as temperature fluctuations, lower pH, bacterial imbalances, lack of flow in growth area, etc. Dosage recommendation Ultra Organic - Dose daily if possible, 2-3ml per day

  • Hi there, We're glad to hear you're liking the results of our products. Do you have a picture of your tank? To start, NO3 and PO4 levels at 5ppm and 0.04 does not qualify as "high nutrients". In fact these levels are within the desirable range because it provides corals with a natural food source rather than stripping down these levels, then later adding back different foods. Prime Frag System works on the concept of maintaining low levels of NO3 and PO4. This concept provides better control ove…