Switching from Aquaforest back to FM

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    • ******EDITED*******


      I have noticed on some of my established acropora have stripped tissue from the base. These coral have been happy and settled in the reef for some time and have been encrusting well. In addition other corals show white patches on them. They have shown no previous issues with my current dosing. What would cause coral that is happy to suddenly lose tissue, none of my water parameters point to anything.

      I am due my dose of Reef vitality tomorrow and then Monday. I have planned to miss the dose tomorrow (friday) incase it harms the corals. I was also thinking of missing the Monday dose. Does this sound ok, How many doses should I miss? or do you suggest I continue but look to adjust my dosing?

      I have managed to purchase some UltraPhos 0.04, I have used this instead of Ultra Phos al beads. It is a nice clean product, it really is very easy to use.

      My current Nutrients are
      NO3- ~2ppm
      Po4 - 0.015ppm

      1 RV x2 weekly
      3.5 CB x2 weekly
      0.05ml MinS Daily
      7ml CE x2 weekly
      18 Bacto Balls changed every 2 weeks

      1. Should I take a break from RV for sometime? how long?
      2. Should I adjust any of my dosing at all?
      3. I have added 500ml of ultra phos 0.04 (is this ok on 700L water)?

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    • ICP test has returned. Please check the results and let me known your feedback.

      It states I have Low Iodine and Strontium.

      High Sulphur and High Barium

      what do you guys advise.
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    • Thanks vinny,

      I have started using FM salt now, I have done 2x10% water changes over the last 5 days.

      1.What steps/dosing to you suggest I take going forward?

      2. Should I resume dosing CB and RV?

      3. What dosing do you suggest ?

      1 RV x2 weekly
      3.5 CB x2 weekly
      0.05ml MinS Daily
      7ml CE x2 weekly
      18 Bacto Balls changed every 2 weeks
    • hi vinny

      I have been doing the waterchanges as suggested.

      I have dropped the CB by approx 50%, to now 2spoons.

      1. .I have not dosed any RV, as I would hold off until I have done enough waterchanges to have diluted all the barium and sulphur deposits in the tank. I am concerned RV may make these available to the corals and negatively affect them. Is this a possibility or is it ok to dose?
      2. I go on vacation next week for 2 weeks, in my absence is it ok to stop dosing CB and RV? My CE, MinS dosing is automated so it can continue, should I adjust any of its dosing?
      3. I will add fresh 18 bacto balls before I leave.

      does this all sound ok?
    • Hi vinny

      So I returned a week ago and have resumed dosing.

      Some corals look great and others look drab, less vibrant. Polyp extension is much less also.

      I was talking to my local store and he recommended Ultra Organic, stating it will transform my coral colours and growth rates.

      I checked the label and the product is advised to be used with MinS. I understand it to be certain organics that MinS does not contain and therefore fills in the gaps.

      Can this product be used zeolite method and or in my current situation? Remember I don't use ultra lith.

      My parameters today are as follows
      Alk 7.7dkh
      Ca 405ppm
      Mg 1215ppm
      K 390ppm
      No3 ~3ppm
      Po4 0.04

      I am currently dosing
      0.5 Rv x2 weekly
      3.5 Cb x2 weekly
      10ml Ce weekly
      0.03ml MinS daily
      18 bactoballs

      Is there room to add organics to this? What dosage, what times and hiw many times weekly?
      Should I adjust any of my above dosages?
      What are the dangers/signs of od ultra organics?

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    • Hi there,

      No need to make any changes to your current dosages. The lessened polyp extension is temporary and will go back to normal with regular dosing. :)

      You can add Ultra Organic, no problems there. It will provide your corals with organically-based trace elements that are not found in Ultra Min S or CE bottles. You can use it with or without Ultra Min S, the recommended dosage amounts for each are on the bottle.

      I recommend starting with a lower dose and steadily increasing every week. Dose daily at the time that is most convenient for you.
    • Ok Vinny

      So I am now dosing:

      0.04ml MinS Daily
      2ml Organic Daily
      0.5 RV x2 weekly
      2sp CB x2 weekly
      10ml CE x2 weekly

      I was looking to reduce the bactoballs from 18 to 14 on the next change as I get white film on the glass often and the balls are now shrinking at a much slower rate. Or should I keep 18 balls?
    • Thanks vinny

      Coral Colouration and health by and large seems really good compared to before.

      I have today noticed something new. Some acro have had poor polyp extension and colouration with stripping from base.

      Upon inspection and removal, I suspect AEFW. But I have seen no eggs and the RTN is from the middle of corals rather than the base up which is normally the case. I was planning on dipping the coral using FM Dip and scraping away any eggs if found.

      I have added a picture of an acro and taken a frag from it for picture also. Please let me know your thoughts.

      I have a few questions.
      1. Does FM Dip remove AEFW ?
      2. During this time should I stop RV as the corals will be stressed and may die?
      3. Any products that can help the corals recover/get stronger to help fight the AEFW?
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    • AEFW do tend to be attracted to that kind of acropora. I do not however see any signs of bites, they would usually be tiny whitish-beige spots at the base or middle of the coral. I would suggest taking a coral out and inspecting it with a flashlight. Inspect from the top of the coral. These pests do tend to stay on the inner parts of the coral branches.

      Our dip will help remove AEFW, but not the eggs. I would dip once for about 5 minutes and give it a week to see how the coral responds.

      You can continue dosing RV. A decrease may end up affecting the coloration of the other corals.

      Do you have any other photos of the corals that are not coloring up as well?
    • Hi Guys,

      Just giving an update and asking for some more advice please.

      So everything in the tank has been running stable for some months now. I dropped my dosages of CB and RV as suggested by vinny and increased feeding corals. Things seem much more stable now.

      My goal is now to create the best possible colouration I can for the SPS and would like some advice on how to do this. I have seen some amazing tanks in the FM facebook group and I would love to get my tank to that level.

      Corals are healthy and growing but colouration is dark, so it often difficult to see the definition and changes in colour. Everything is very 'purple' in my tank.

      So my current tank params are
      S.g. 1.025
      Alk 8.0dkh
      Mg 1200ppm
      Ca 400ppm
      K 340ppm
      No3 ~3ppm
      Po4 ~0.02ppm

      My dosage regime is

      RV 0.5cap x2 weekly
      CB 3tsp x2 weekly
      MinS 0.4ml daily
      Organic 2ml daily
      CE 14ml x2 weekly
      BB 14balls changed every 2-3 weeks
      750ml CarbL changed monthly
      250ml Rowaphos changed monthly

      1. I have just purchased some Coral Sprint, but Have not used it yet. What would be the recommended dosage and amount per week please? Will this improve colouration?

      2. What adjustments or suggestions should I make to my system to help make the colours more vivid?

      I have attached images of the system currently.
      • DSCF0347.JPG

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    • The corals are looking good!

      I would reduce your ALK to 7 dkH over the course of 2 weeks. This will help reduce that "darker" look you're describing.

      One way to reduce the purple look is to scrape off as much of the coralline algae off the walls as possible. It will make quite the difference. :)

      With regards to coloration, aside from the normal lighting, flow, water parameter variables, one must also consider the origin of the coral. Different regions, depths, and species will each have their own set of "requirements". Sometimes coral coloration comes down to where the coral came from and the type of environment it was in.

      I would not recommend changing any of your current dosages for the sake of getting better color from one or two pieces because then you chance making the other corals unhappy. Lower your ALK to 7, give it 2-3 weeks and see how the coloration changes.