Switching from Aquaforest back to FM

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    • hi vinny

      I have stuck to my dosing regime as you advised. I have noticed something however over the last few months.

      My algae in the tank has worsened over the last 3 months. I have persistent algae growth in my water pumps. Even after I physically remove, within the week more has grown on them. In addition the gravel has gone an ugly, dull greenish brown colour. It is not cyno but clearly algae that is being allowed to grow in the system. SPS colours also browned and drab.

      My glass and rockwork is fine, due to my abundance of snails.

      Tubes are only 5 months old.

      The only change I have made in these 3 months is that I stopped using Rowaphos GFO and switched to FM Powerphos GFO. I dose as per the recommended levels (350ml for my 700L tank).

      I am confident that Rowa product is stronger to the FM version.

      In addition I did the po4 heat test as per FM website. I got a value of 2.66 (plain sample 0.03, heated sample 0.08).

      1. What advice do you have to drop the po4 levels and make the tank vibrant again?.
      2. Should I revert back to Rowa?
      3. Increase powerphos dosage?
      4. look to remove and replace the gravel, again?
      5. If I add zeolites to help, what flow rate do I run them at?

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    • Increase PowerPhos to 450ml.

      Sudden spike in PO4 likely caused the color shift and accelerated algae growth. That is assuming all other maintenance habits remain consistent.

      Check your other parameters for any changes outside of the normal values and adjust were needed.
      Check temperature too. Increased average temp will also accelerate algae growth and alter coral color depending on the % temp increase.
    • Hi vinny

      I have done as your advice and colours are starting to return. I have made an observation over the last 6 months. I have much more floating particles in the display tank and much more particulates in the gravel. Even though the system is cleaned and the gravel vacuumed once a month.

      The sump also has lots of 'detritus' settled even though I have a fleece roller on the system.

      My theory is that this is not detritus, it is in-fact Coral Balance that has settled to the bottom of the tanks as it has not been removed by mechanical filtration.

      I currently dose 3 spoons in my 700L system (500L display tank)

      In order to test my theory I was thinking of stopping the use of Coral Balance for a month or two and monitor if there is any improvement. I will continue to use phos media for po4 control as I currently do.

      Do you see any problems or issue's with this, as CB is not in the original zeolight guide and so maybe it is not an essential product for the system?
    • You can stop CB to run this test, but do keep an eye on your coral colors. Stopping CB will put a limitation on the nutrient reduction effect and you may end up seeing a slight increase in NO3 and PO4.

      My suggestion would be to continue dosing the CB at the current amounts and siphon the patches of build-up you see in your sump. As long as colors are holding steady, this build-up is not causing any adverse effect to the overall well being of your coral.

      CB was originally out of the Zeo-Light system, but was then later added because we found that its inclusion allowed users to gain further control over their nutrients and trace element accumulation.