Bacto Balls in Nano Tank -overdose?

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    • Bacto Balls in Nano Tank -overdose?

      I have a 13.5g Fluval Evo Sea tank stocked with 2 fish, various inverts, live rock & a plethora of corals that is almost a yr old. Running stock skimmer only on weekends due to my work travel & it being difficult to explain to my pet sitter how to run it. Run a poly filter pad in 2nd chamber with chemipure nano bag, water changes every week of 2gal. Dose Prodibio nano reef vial system every 2 wks.

      All parameters were good except nitrates running 20-30ppm. Had one spike near 40. Suspect this is due to overfeeding by pet sitter.

      Someone suggested your product. So I bought it based on the idea of convenient dosing. I read the bottle (2 per 26g) so I dosed 1 ball.

      Then later tonight while looking for online videos of feedback I came across the more detailed instructions---ramping up with 1/4dose first - or 1/2 and put in med-low flow area. I jumped to retrieve the ball out of the chamber I dropped it into (high flow with pump) and it was gone.

      My question is, what can I expect over next 2 wks? My skimmer will only run next 2 days then be off. Will I see an excess in ???? Should I do a greater water change to lower the amount of excess bacteria that will be in the tank.

      Any input greatly appreciated. Also for future dosing what is the process to pull 1/2 dose & where do I store the other 1/2 or just toss??