ICP analysis 914 please, help!

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    • ICP analysis 914 please, help!

      Hi I wonder if anyone at Fauna Marin could help me with my ICP results? The aquarium is called KORRA - my daughter has named it.
      I am very confused as several important values that I thought were fine is marked as "not detectable", like density, salinity and acid binding capacity (ie alkalinity). I check salinity and alkalinity several times a week with Salifert test and refractor (calibrated with 0 TDS RODI). How is this possible? I have the tank full of soft corals, BTAs, sponges and fish that all seems to flourish. I am so confused..!

      Please HELP.
    • Erbse, thank you for answering.
      Although I find it very weird and upsetting if that is the case. In the display settings when looking at the lab results I choose the option “hide not measured values” and the salinity, density and alkalinity values are still there.

      And it doesn’t say “not measured” it says “not detectable” VERY big difference. And there is also advises on what I should do when this parameters is too low. I dose ATI essential pro (on a doser) 12 ml/day each of KH and Ca - with this in mind I feel that undetectable levels must be impossible. I keep my KH steady at 7.7 and my Ca is at 420-430.
      I’m so stressed out about this and I don’t know what to do. I feel that I can’t trust my refractometer or KH test because of this insane lab results. This morning when I first read them I panicked and started to add salt and dose extra KH, thinking my aquarium inhabitants must be suffering in silence.

      DerMicha - what do you mean with “set the ICP once”? My aquariums ID is 1069 and the ICP ID number is 914. And here is a link to my analysis results: https://lab.faunamarin.de/en/share/analysis/914

      Any help with this would be extremely appreciated!!
    • Yes I know what you mean, ( and i am under the impression that these tests will be added in the near future) . I know the other Labs do test it, but you dont get such a detailed report as with FM with what each value means and what influence it has.
      Your Ca is normal, Mg a little high but your biggest problem is your Pottasium. Aslong as your Kh is stable at whatever value you test it then it should be ok.

      The same question was posted here: https://forum.faunamarin.de/index.php?thread/1233-icp-test-id-555-etliche-werte-nicht-gemessen/
      its in German but like i said I am sure it will be added in the future and i suspect that the platform has already been built for it.

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