Alkalinity solution mixture

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    • Alkalinity solution mixture

      I am having some low alkalinity issues and I am using Fauna Marin Balling Salts. I would like to test the solution as a step to eliminate that as a variable. I am following the directions on the packaging while mixing, but i would like to be official in testing it. I am running out of options on what it could be. I am currently dosing 200ml a day and staying at 7dkh as tested with 2 different test kits (ELOS and NYOS). What is the stock solution supposed to mix to or is there a suggested way to test the solution strength?
    • I have a 120 gallon peninsula tank with 40 gallon sump and 15 gallon frag tank connected to the same system. Mixed reef with sps, lps, zoas, and leathers. Mostly small colonies. I am currently dosing 150ml alk a day plus manual dose of 50ml a day to raise it. I was able to get it from 6-8 over the last 5 days, but I find that 150ml is a very large dose, especially as I am not fully stocked and mostly lps, zoas, and leathers. I am just starting into SPS (millie, montipora capricornis, mostly).
    • Have you cross-checked your KH readings with other test kits?

      Our KH solution should be mixed with 500g of Carbonate per 5 liters of RO water. Is this how you're mixing it? We recommend you weigh the portions to ensure consistent mixes from one batch to the next.

      Leathers alone can consume quite a bit of KH. A dose of 200ml for a 175 gallon system is certainly not unheard of.
    • I have tested with ELOS and NYOS test kits with similar results.

      I did mix according to directions and used a scale to measure half the container. The container that came with the starter kit was 1 1kg container if I remember correctly.

      I am glad that it is not unheard of, but still shocked to learn. Most systems I have found, even heavy SPS systems are dosing less then 100ml daily of alkalinity. Likewise when I was using 2 part I was only dosing 75ml per day both calcium and alkalinity. I have my doser set to 150ml/day currently and manually adding another 50ml. I will up it to 200ml and test daily to see if it rises. I honestly was thinking something was wrong with how much I was dosing which is why I was interested in seeing how I can test my solution to be rule me mixing out of the equation.