Another New Tank

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    • Another New Tank

      I have just setup a 3 foot 200 litre tank.

      15 Kilos of live rock has been in place for over three weeks now.

      Some hair algae is starting to show on rocks. I have no corals or fish currently.

      With regards to the new Zeo Light system, I understand that this is different to your Ultralith system in that it does not have a specific baceteria product that gets introduced - rather the products work together with the corals to reduce nutrients.

      Question: If I plan to slowly introduce corals and fish, probably gradually over a number of weeks - will the Zeo Light products still work? I mean, I won't have the quantities of corals present initially.

      Is there any recommendation on how to start a new system off; that is only going to have small quantities of corals added gradually?

    • Thanks Vinny.

      My current tank parameters are

      Salinity 33 PPT.

      No2 = 0
      No3 = 1
      Ca = 425
      Mg = 1320
      dKH = 8.9 (on Salifert test. I've ordered FM alkalinity test as I've found Salifert out by as much as 1dKH previously - so real value could be nearer 8 dKH)

      PO3 , 4 = between 0.046 and 0.092 on the Elos HD test kit.

      Stocking wise I now have two clown fish, a couple of plating Monitopora frags and three Acropora frags. I'm not noting any drop in alkalinity at the moment, so its possible the water changes are keeping the elements topped up. No need for me to switch on the balling light doser just yet.

      I'm a little concerned about hair algae. I have clear up crew and they keep the algae very short.
      Possibly the live rock is leaching this out and the algae is consuming it straight away - so my test may be distorted by this.



      I have some Rowaphos, and I'm thinking on fluidising this - say 100 g to start with. What do you think?

      The Zeo Light kit arrives from Germany at my house on Friday. (thanks for the Christmas discount FM) : o)
    • The FM website, in the download centre- under the English section has the old version of the Zeo Light manual !

      I did a Google Search and found "Zeo-Light-System-manual-NEW.pdf" (on CM Distributors site) which has the information on Coral Balance included.

      Someone might want to update the German FM downloads section ?
    • Should I be concerned - Nitrate has dropped to 0 ? I'm worried I might be starving corals.

      Salinity 33 PPT.

      No2 = 0
      No3 = 0
      Ca = 465
      Mg = 1350
      dKH = 8.6

      phosphate between 0.024 and 0.046 ( was slightly higher previously, but Rowaphos has brought this down)

      I'm dosing Coral Balance (half a spoon) / Reef Vitality (2/8ths of a capsual)
      Color Elements (1 ml each)
      MINs .5 mil once a week
      Zeolite and Carb L

      Lighting is Radion on AB + program, running lights at 50% intensity.