New aquarium

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    • Hello,
      I'm interested in starting to use zeo-lite in my tank for sps mainly, but I don’t know where to start.
      I have a 300-liter tank, Thats a week old. At the beginning I used colony.…lony-nitrifying-bacteria/
      Right now, I have
      Reef skim 500
      Maxspect XF150
      2x kessil 360 WE lamp
      I also have marine pure block in the sump.
      My current parameters are:
      Kh - 7 Saltity - 33 Ca - 350 Mg - 1200 No3- 2 Po4 - 0 Temp - 25


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    • Hi there,

      I recommend you continue your bacteria dosages for at least 2 weeks before you begin adding any livestock.

      At 2 weeks, test again. If NH3/4 tests at 0, you can begin with adding a couple test fish. Give the new additions 2 weeks to see how they react to the current conditions of the aquarium. If all goes well, you can begin adding corals. With regards to the dosage amounts needed for the Zeo-Light system, it would be best to calculate these amounts and begin at 50%, then slowly increase every week.
    • Thanks for the response.

      I did what you said and everything is going well,but i have seen some Dino poping up, should i use dinoX to get rid of it and if yes what should i not mix with it.


      I have:
      po4 = 0.17
      no3 = 6
      I dose: Red/Purple complex - 3 ml/100 week
      Green/Blue complex - 3 ml/100 week
      Red/Purple complex - 3 ml/ 100 every week
      Coral balance - 2 measuring spoon every 4 days
      Ultra mins - 5 drops
      Reef vitality marine organics - 1/2 a capsule every 4 days

      I have high po4 and no3 what should i change or add to help it? Thanks

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    • Hi,

      The tank is still very young and will take some time for it to reach a point of stability. During that time you may see sudden algae growth and sometimes Dino as a result of the tank working towards a balance. As long as the Dino is not terribly bad, I would just let it run its course. If possible, siphon it during each water change.

      Keep an eye on your RO/DI TDS level and make sure it does not go above 2.

      Phosphates can be reduced with Ultra Phos 0,04. This product will help reduce and maintain PO4 at 0.04 which is a more desirable level.

      NO3 is not high. In fact, NO3 at 6 is slightly above the desired range of 2-5ppm. You don't need to make any changes here.

      What kinds of coral do you have in the tank now?
      Do you have a tank photo?