Using zeo stones in internal filter

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    • Using zeo stones in internal filter

      I don't run a sump on my tank. My filtration is a Tunze 3162 internal filter and Tunze 9004 skimmer. In my internal filter I run ultra carb l, ultra power phos and filter wool. My tank is approx 110 litres after displacement and as well as running balling light (FM salts and trace elements) and a 10 litre water change each week with FM sea salt I dose 1 drop ultra bio every 2 days, 0.2 ml ultra bak every 2 days (turning skimmer off for 2.5 hours) and 0.3ml aminos every day. My no3 is 5 and po4 is 0.025. Can I run zeo stones in the filter or is there no point with my nutrient levels being where they are?
    • Im basically using the old zeo lite system using ultra bio, ultra bak and min s. I have used this in the past with success but had a proper zeo filter (where you pump the stones). As I no longer run a sump I don't have the reactor. If it's possible to add the stones in a netted bag in my filter in order to increase surface area for bacteria then I would like to try. If I do will I need to aggetate the stones each day?