Help with changing over to FM products

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    • Help with changing over to FM products

      My tank has been running for nearly 2 year now and i have had some success but am now having issues and i am not sure what to do. I had algae issues that would not go away and last summer started using KZ Zeovit. just after I also had an outbreak of ICH, so I QT all my fish and left the DT Fallow, during this time the Zeovit kicked in and all the algae issue more or less went away, the trouble was the corals were very pale (more than before), even when adding coral foods, nothing would bring the colors back. When I re-added the fish it picked up slightly but by then growth had stopped some montis had their polyps receding and there were very sight Cyano patches. Then I read about the FM US Style primefag system and thought this looks good. To start with I slowly changed my LEDs over to more blue and backed off on the Zeovit and added bacto balls, Carb L and Ultra Phos 0,04. then some time later started with coral sprint, Ultra organic and ultra amin, these i started with a 1/4 dose and slowly raised.

      So now the issues PO4 has risen from sometimes undetectable (Hanna ULP) to 0.047, NO3 went to 2.5 from undetectable (Salifert) and now to 5. with that the GHA has come back together with worsening outbreak of Cyano. I now realize I had Cyano as last year it was just in small patches next to some rocks on the sand, which would disappear at night. I must admit when I first added coral sprint, wow, just after and the next day my encrusting monties had great PE and the colors are now really begining to pop. my Acros started to get some color back and have also changed color, the problem is they are starting to get dark and dull.
      So all in all i think by changing over maybe too fast (it has been 6 weeks since i started) I have caused an in-balance. The darker corals indicate that I have high nutiants together with the GHA. I must say I have bee inspired by the primefrag systems and the FM products i have used so far, are the only ones to have made such an Improvement in the coral color and growth, I would like to change over completely. Just not sure if i can get the nutrient export back under control. Should I cut down on the coral sprint and re-add the zeovit stones?

      Tank is Net 250L
      Running ATI Essentials - but planning to change to FM balling light as soon as the tank is in a better shape.
      Alk 7,7
      CA 420
      MG 1350
      10% weekly WC with Aquaforest reef salt.

      2 Clowns
      2 Banggais
      1 Fire Fish
      1 wrasse
      1 Blenney

      Feed 1/2 cube of frozen split into 2 feeds daily.

      Small collection of frags
      2 Staghorn
      multiple small Monti Digitata - since oct last year PE retracted and not growing
      2 encrusting montis - Doing well and growing
      1 hammer
      1 Duncan
      small patch of Zoas
    • Hi there,

      We're glad to hear you're liking the results of our products. :)

      Do you have a picture of your tank?

      To start, NO3 and PO4 levels at 5ppm and 0.04 does not qualify as "high nutrients". :)
      In fact these levels are within the desirable range because it provides corals with a natural food source rather than stripping down these levels, then later adding back different foods. Prime Frag System works on the concept of maintaining low levels of NO3 and PO4. This concept provides better control over your coral colors when Color Elements are added.

      Much has happened to your tank in the past 6 weeks; lighting change and nutrient management method change. As a result, the tank will react with more algae and some cyano; nutrient spike and bacterial imbalance. The change in lighting spectrum will also cause a reaction to the coral tissue. What likely happened is that the tank went into a "shock" because it was previously dosed with products that dropped and maintained undetectable NO3 and PO4, then suddenly spiked when those products were no longer added. The extent of the changes could have been mitigated by slowly decreasing the dose amounts over a 6-8 week period. Ultimately, the tank will need more time to adjust to the new conditions.

      Can you share your current dose amounts for each FM product?
      Perhaps there is a dose adjustment that needs to be made.

      Do you notice the cyano growing all over the tank or in certain areas?
      Have you tested your RO/DI TDS lately?
      Do you notice any difference with the cyano after 24-48 hours of doing a water change?
    • Hi VInny,
      Thanks for the replay. I think you are right that I should have taken it slower with the change over. The lighting was change over in about 5 weeks, but the Zeovit additives was shorter, I think i was worried about combining the bacto balls and the zoebak.

      Bacto Balls 3 changed every 14 Days
      Utlra Organics 5ml every 7 Days
      Ultra Amin 2 ml every 7 Days
      Ultra Carb L 200ml in a filter bag in sump, changed every 4 weeks
      Ultra Phos 0,04 250ml in a media reactor with 160l/hr flow. Replaced when P04 is over 0,04
      Coral Sprint 2 spoons every 2 days

      Cyano is on the sand and on most of the lower rocks and some of the high rocks
      I had an ICO test done 2 months ago and it included the RO, which was fine, no extra elements like phosphate, silica.
      I must say I have not noticed a any difference in the cyano after a water change. I siphon a lot out during the WC. I did a WC this weekend so will check in 24-28hrs

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    • What are you running for lights? How long is your photoperiod?

      Do you have any other flow pumps in the tank?

      What is the average temperature for your tank? How much does it fluctuate between night and day?

      Cyano is fuels by several factors such as temperature fluctuations, lower pH, bacterial imbalances, lack of flow in growth area, etc.

      Dosage recommendation
      Ultra Organic - Dose daily if possible, 2-3ml per day
    • Lights are AI Hydra 26Hds on for 12 hour inc. 1hr ramp-up each side.
      UV 80%
      Violet,Royal, blue 110%
      Green, Red 5% and White 25% for 5hrs
      I have reduced the overall intensity by 18% to keep the par readings at the top to 350. in the middle is around 200 at the bottom around 80-100

      Flow is 50x Tank net vol.
      2x 2000 LPH on the back
      1x 5000 LPH on the side in plus mode

      Temp is set with an aqua medic twin controller at 25 and peaks to 26.

      I will change the Ultra Organic dosing to what you suggested.