Dino-x and Bacteria products

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    • Dino-x and Bacteria products


      I am battling with an algae bloom, and suspicion is that I also have Dino's

      I am currently, dosing UltraBio and UltraBak - if I dose Dino-x should I stop dosing the bacteria also

      also, will the Dino also kill bacteria population (I have been trying to introduce some biodiversity and don't want to start all over again)

      ...and finally, I am also growing Cheato in a reactor (ALR2) - I understand that DinoX will also kill macro Algae and ideally I should take it out - but if in a reactor and I stop the supply to the reactor (fed by return pump) - then will it be safe to leave in there?

    • Hello Asif,

      Dino X will have no impact on the bacteria in your aquarium. You should however postpone any Bio and Bak dosages during Dino X treatment. After the treatment, you can resume your regular dosages.

      Regarding the macro algae and reactor, if you can circulate water separately through the reactor that would be preferred. That way the algae is not coming in contact with the aquarium water that is getting the Dino X treatment.