300l new to zeo light

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    • 300l new to zeo light

      All need a bit of advice how to switch from pellets to zeo light
      System is around 300l total volume
      10% water change every week red sea blue salt mixed with 0tds ro di water
      no sand
      250w mh + 2 x blue pop leds
      tunze dc9410 skimmer
      calcium reactor (knop media)
      2 x mp40
      vectra m1 return
      Mainly sps corals
      8 clown fish
      8 chromis blue
      1 x tang
      1 x angel fish
      tank is 75cm x 75cm x 50cm tall

      kh 7.5 -8
      ca 440
      mg 1350
      no3 - 1
      po4 0.04

      To run zeo light I have avast marin vibe reactor ready for my system I would need around 300g of zeo media flow around 300l/h
      reef vitality 3/4 of he capsule every 4 days
      coral balance 3 spoons every 4 days
      colour elements 1.5ml each every 4 days
      ultra min s let say 0.5 ml every 2 days

      Is the dosing flow ect correct for a start
      Any help will be highly appreciated