Amino acids Ultra Min S

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    • Amino acids Ultra Min S

      Some people advised me tu use amino acids in my tank ( grotech vitamino M) is Ultra Min S the Same or similar?
      Whats is the main advantage? Can we use the product on dosing pump and we don’t need to refrigerate it?( how long)

      I have soft corals and LPS like Euphylia, favia... At the moment my nutrients are quite elevated NO3 25ppm PO4 0,05 maybe I will have to adapt the dosage?

      Thanks for your advices :)

    • Hello William,

      Ultra Min S is our own mixture of vitamins and amino acids which provide all types of coral with baseline nutrients that benefit overall coral health. This product in particular can be added either manually or by dosing pump.
      It does not need to be refrigerated, but should be kept in an cool area where there is no direct or indirect light.

      Aquariums that have higher NO3 levels (15+ppm), tend to need a higher dose of Min S. We recommend starting with 50% of the recommended dose, then steadily increasing each dose until you are at the full dose amount.
      If you'd like to supplement your current nutrient management method, you can add Ultra Bak to your dosing program. Bak will help reduce NO3 to a more desirable range, 2-5ppm.
    • Since Blend and Therapy are already being dosed, you can increase the dosage for each by 10% and maintain the new dose for 2-3 weeks. If no changes are noticed with this increase, add Ultra Bak.
      Starting dosage for Ultra Bak should be 50% of the recommended dose with 10% weekly increase until you reach the desirable NO3 range.

      Ultra Bak itself poses no risk to the coral. The risk comes from dropping the NO3 level too fast. That's why we recommend starting with a lower dosage and slowly working your way up to the normal dose amount.
    • Hi, I thought I would tag along on this old thread with another ultra min s question..
      Recently, I started using Ultra Bak and ultra min s to control my nutrients. It has been so effective that I have begun reducing the photoperiod on my refugium and may stop using it completely.
      I am also impressed with how well the corals - I have a 350g sps reef, have adapted to the nutrient drop without any signs of stress..
      I planned to continue with this regimen going forward and will probably move onto color elements as well- but! It appears that ultra min s is being discontinued :(
      What would be the best replacement for ultra min s? Is it Ultra min?
      The big question is, what is the difference between ultra min s and ultra min..
      Thanks very much in advance!