can i use ATS UAS and NP X bioplastics with ZEOlight System?

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    • can i use ATS UAS and NP X bioplastics with ZEOlight System?

      Hi dear customer service,
      when i use zeolight system have a question,can i use zeolight system with UAS or ATS box ? at same time i want use two little fishies NP X bioplastics, can i use them???

      What chemical reaction will happen? ATS or UAS will absorb fauna marin mins or organic ? i don't know ~i think ATS or UAS willabsorb some elements or some kind of nutrition???

      wait for you dear customer service~~~~~~ :D :D :thumbup:
    • Vinny.
      thanks for your professional replay.

      actually , i just want use UAS feeding some plankton for coral and fish, BRB and BAK are very effective to reduce NO3, i plan use small UAS feeding plankton.
      today i test NO3,NO3=2,i found problem from UAS box, the solid material that settles at the bottom of liquid,Ummmm,maybe have some organic or fish food inside.i guess.

      i have other questions.

      can i dosing 1ml MIN s 2ml Organic every 2days , one time drop it.
      【 for normal,i use ultra Mins with ultra organic ,Mins 0.5ml Organic 1ml everyday】

      my tank size: 60cm cube tank(60cm x 60cm x water deep51.5cm). bottom tank :(48 x 48 x water deep 31cm)
      same time ,i use phos 0.04, i drop some phos 0.04 , need i remove phos 0.04(because po4=0.003-0.01 right now) ?
      can i mix RV and CB to same bottle ?


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    • 1. With your NO3 level currently at 2ppm, increasing the Min S dosage may result in a green film on the tank walls. This would be a sign of excess product being introduced into the aquarium. Typically, lower nutrient systems need smaller doses of Min S. If you wish to increase the amount of available food, you can increase Organic only and continue dosing the current amount of Min S.

      2. Yes, do remove Phos 0,04 at least until your PO4 level is at least 0.04 mg/L.

      3. It would be best to prepare each dose in separate cups.

      NO3 at 2ppm is within the desirable range of 2-5ppm. If you can maintain NO3 between this range, you will provide another stable food source for your coral.