Need recommendation starting dosing

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    • Need recommendation starting dosing

      Ok, so I'm ready to try some new (for me) Fauna marins products.

      My tank setup is as follows:
      Tank: Red sea reefer 350 (guessing around 300 liters of water)
      Using skimmer
      Using active carbon (in reactor)
      Using phosphate removing media (in reactor)
      Dosing classic Balling including Fauna marins Trace 1, 2 and 3
      Having around 10-15% refugium (chaeto algea)
      Tank is stocked with mostly SPS (exept some euphyllias, some zoas and rhodactis). Mostly small to medium sized frags and a few smaller colonies.

      Po4: 0,03ppm
      No3: 1ppm

      Bought the following products from Fauna marin which I want to start dosing:
      -Ultra Amin
      -Reef Vitality
      -Coral balance
      -Coral Sprint

      Also I have bottle of Ultra min-s (the old formula) but I guess I do not need it?

      How much should I dose of them (and how often) to begin with?
      Is there anyone of them I should skip?
      How should I increse my dosing, and how do I know I'm dosing to much of something?

      Best regards

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    • HI
      I am sorry that i overview your posting here. i write you some question about your tank by Mail. Please tell me also where you buy all the products
      usually our dealers should be also able to give a propper information about the prodicts and how to use them.
      Did you also see our HTU Manuals in the Download Sections ?

      Many greetings Claude
      Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

      Fauna Marin GmbH // ExtremeCorals