Nitrate not going down

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    • Nitrate not going down

      HI everyone.

      my problem: nitrate is high at 50ppm (Salifert)

      Tank is about 2 month old.Total volume about 150L. In the sump, i have siporax, small piece of live rock, skimmer and GFO reactor. i change my filter sock every 4 days

      Po4 is 0 (Nyos)

      i have 6 fishes and feed once a day with frozen brine shrimp. feed my corals once a week with LPS Grow and Color & Ricordea / Zoanthus Food

      Using DI water for top up water & for water change. TDS is 0 and no traces of No3 & Po4. perform 10% WC every week

      i have about 10 coral bubble, plate , 3 ricordea, GSP, fox coral , gonipora, frogspawn and hammer corals

      i really want to start of having less demanding SPS but nitrate seem to high.

      i am using Bacto reef ball since day one. 4 ball and change every 10 days.

      i am also dosing Ultra Bak. started at 0.15ml and increased all the way to 0.8 ml now with no success in bringing down my nitrate.

      i could buy a another test kit to verify but is there anything you guys can advice for me to bring down my nitrate

      let me know if you need any other info

      Thank you
    • Hi Kilo,

      I would suggest performing 15% water changes every week and dosing Reef Vitality. Bacto Reef Balls and Ultra Bak will lower overall nutrients and feed the existing beneficial bacteria. Adding Reef Vitality will greatly improve nutrient control and specifically target Nitrates. The starting dose for RV is 50% of the recommended amount and 10% weekly increases until you begin to notice NO3 levels going down.
    • Reef Vitality serves a dual purpose. Reef Vitality breaks down excess nutrients and organics in the water which is then consumed by the corals in addition to what they are already feeding. By being able to breakdown these nutrients, the skimmer will also perform better and further improve nutrient reduction. The extra food that now becomes readily available is then consumed by all corals which is what allows for improved colors and growth.
    • Thank you Vinny.
      Your advice builds confidence in FM products. Will update the results in coming weeks

      I have not seens the capsule yet but have question on how to take a small portion of it.

      Based on website, it states 1 capsule for 500L. Half dose is 0.5 capsule in 500L. For 150L, it will be 0.15capsule in 100ml water.

      Or is there an easier way to manage this?
    • Vinny,
      My nitrate is down to ard 10ppm. Dosing RV at about 70% every 4 days and reduced the ultra bak to 0.4ml daily.
      Dosing balling light every day

      Added about 10 SPS frags, mainly digitata, capi and birdnest.
      Question: what do i feed them? Is RV and ultra bak enough?

      I feed my LPS every week LPS Grow and Color & Ricordea / Zoanthus Food.

      Please advice
    • Vinny,
      Thanks for you reply.
      I have no doubts on Color Elements but need clarification on Ultra Organic

      What is the difference between Ultra Organic & Ultra Min S? I read the description of Ultra Organic and if I understand correctly, Ultra Organic = Ultra Min S + Trace elements. Correct me if i'm wrong.

      Is there any min NO3 level that i need to achieve before adding Ultra Organic?

      Some people talk about feeding Oyster-Feast or fine particulate foods like Marine Snow. What is the difference between this and Ultra Organic method?

    • Ultra Organic is a trace element supplement whereas Ultra Min S is a food-based supplement with vitamins and some trace elements. Neither of these products are equivalent to each other as they each serve their own purpose.

      Organic supplies corals with trace elements that benefit corals such as the ones I mentioned earlier. There is no relation to NO3 and the Organic dosage amount. If NO3 is within the acceptable range, these products in general will yield better results.
    • Hi Vinny,
      Just got my color elements and ultra organic. As stated above, i am dosing RV (every 4 days) and ultra bak( everyday).

      Instructions on Color elements states weekly and ultra organic states daily.

      How do I sequence the dosing for all 4 items? I heard RV and Color elements can't be dosed on the same day.

      Ultra bak and organic can be dosed together?

    • That is correct, Color Elements should not be dosed on the same day as Reef Vitality.

      Color Elements can be dosed the day before or day after your Reef Vitality dosage. Dosing all 3 CE bottles on the same day is okay. The dosages should be spaced a couple minutes apart to allow the solution to mix well with the tank water.

      Ultra Organic dosages can be dosed with any of our products. No negative side effects will occur.
    • Hi Vinny,
      Thanks for your reply.

      Question on Ultra Organic: label on bottle states " Dosage: Use only 1ml per 100 liters day with UltraMIN 0.5 ml per 100 liter / day."

      I am not using UltraMIN. Does that mean i dose 1.5ml per 100liters of UltraOrganic instead?

      I plan on doing 50% recommended dose for 14 days and 100% thereafter. Is this ok?

      Question on Color Elements: label states weekly 2-3ml per 100 litres " I plan on doing two half dose every 4 days having a gap of 2 days between RV. plan on doing 50% recommended dose (0.5ml per 100litre) for 14 doses and increase every 14 dose. Is this ok and increase after 14 dose is too long?