US Style PrimeFrag Question

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    • US Style PrimeFrag Question

      After attending MACNA and talking to reps at Fauna Marin, I have decided to start the US style PrimeFrag system. I had done the balling system in the past so I am familiar with that process. I saw in the PrimeFrag manual that you need to run a media reactor for carbon and PO4 reducer. Is this mandatory or can it be omitted? I have a small Royal Exclusiv Dreambox sump and there is nowhere for a media reactor with this set up. I can do everything else stated in the manual.

      Also I assume the magnesium can be dosed manually? I have a Neptune doser and it will only dose 2 products. If I dose the magnesium manually, it would save me the price of another doser.

      Thanks for the help in advance.