Zeolight system from the fauna of marines from zero ..! Help me to understand.

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    • Zeolight system from the fauna of marines from zero ..! Help me to understand.

      Ardent greetings to all sailors ...! Help to start correctly and understand ..!

      The story is as follows:

      A bank with a net volume of water of 760 liters, followed by a decrease as it settled to 700 liters, was launched a month and a half ago on the zeolite system from FM, in the future I want to switch completely to their products.

      The Zeomatic 2.2 zeolite reactor is filled with 1 kg of zeolite, the bacteria drip one drop per 100 liters every day, and 10 cubes 10X10 cm from some porous ceramic with square cells inside, instead of src are thrown into the sump.

      Penny is a big 3000 l. adjustable performance, Royal Exclusive Bubble King.

      Red Dragon's returnable pump on 9000 l. also Reskl. Samp also from them.

      I plan a balling system from TM.

      Now questions:

      1. Do I need to wait for the nitrogen cycle to establish, as in the classic launch, with all the diatoms and other mud in the process of maturation? Or is such a process excluded, since, as I understand it, the zeolite pulls out Amiak and the processes of decomposition to Nitrite - Nitrate - Nitrogen, are excluded? Recently I did tests for Nitrite and Amoni by overdue up to six months from Salifert (no fresh ones on hand), an absolute Zero.

      2. If I do not understand correctly, what is the correct and the sequence of launch?

      3. What else should be considered starting up on such a system, any nuances ...!

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