NEW Fauna Marin product: Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater

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    • NEW Fauna Marin product: Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater

      NEW Fauna Marin product: Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater

      Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater is 100% natural seawater collected 50 meters
      deep off the coast of Portugal; our source for the healthiest seawater

      Ocean Seawater is naturally filtered and contains
      natural living marine bacteria, perfect for a establishing and
      maintaining a healthy, clean aquarium.

      Our seawater contains
      all essential macro elements and trace elements which are naturally
      present in the correct ratios to ultimately provide the ideal, natural
      conditions for your fish and coral. Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater provides a
      simple, readily usable method for re-establishing reef aquariums and/or
      performing regularly scheduled water changes. No more complicated
      mixing with traditional salt mixes. Supply your aquarium with the
      correctly proportioned water values quickly and comfortably for even
      the most sensitive specimens.

      - 100% natural, no additives, no North Sea water!
      - Seawater Research Lab certified
      - Naturally filtered
      - Natural living marine bacteria
      - Ready for immediate use
      - Perfect for newly established aquariums

      Fauna Marin Ocean Seawater can also be mixed with synthetic saltwater
      to deliver missing live bacteria and natural trace elements.

      Available now: 20 Liter canister: 29,95 EUR (+shipping costs)…lantic-ocean-20l/a-90189/
      Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

      Fauna Marin GmbH // ExtremeCorals
    • HI
      The water will be filtered with a fine filter which remove the particles and Zooplancton but let the bacteria passed. The water should be stored under cool and dry conditions avoid direct sunlight
      then the water is good for around 6 - 8 month. After that the time the ammount of bacteria reduces massivly

      rgds claude
      Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

      Fauna Marin GmbH // ExtremeCorals
    • That is great! I am from Portugal (Cascais, which is near Lisbon by the shore and some of the best surf) and likely surf near where the collection takes place. Being very cold water (15-18 degrees) I guess it should have different biological diversity than what would be found in the tropics?

      I have seen some amazing tanks in Portugal using straight seewater with amazing colours and polip extension. There is even a guy that had all sorts of problems (algae, SPS tissue receeding, faded colors, etc) when using Synthetic salt and once he started using Sea water collected by himself the tank completely flourished, no more algae, etc.

      I wonder if I could buy direct in Portugal (so no shipping back and forth to Germany). I would certainly like to try it! But at 30eur for 20L it would be WAY to expensive for me, as I do about 100L weekly changes.