Switching to Fauna MArin, acclimating question

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    • Dear Vinny,

      After a few months of dosing Ultra-Bak, the system is now stable with almost no hair alguea, nice colors and everything is quite happy. I was told by my LFS that I could use Ultra-Bio to improve nutrient reduction, I would like to know what is the difference between Ultra-Bak and Ultra-bio?

      Here's my actual dosing:

      900g of Zeo-Light stirred every 2 days; 75% replaced every 4 weeks

      Reef Vitality
      1.5 capsule every 4 days or 2x/week

      Coral Balance
      4.5 measuring spoons every 4 days or 2x/week

      Color Elements
      8 ml every 4 days

      Ultra Min S
      2.5ml every 2 days

      Ultra Carb L
      500g in a media reactor; replaced every 4 weeks, but not within the same week of replacing Zeo-Light media.

      Bacto Reef Balls :

      19 balls changed each 2 weeks.

      Ultra Bak :

      5ml every day.


      density : 1.026
      Alk : 7.3
      Calc: 420 ppm
      Mag : 1350ppm
      No3 : 8 ppm
      PO4 : 0.20 ppm
      temp: 77F

      running Ultra-Phos, changed each month.

      If you think that UltraBio is required, do I changed the Ultra-Bak dosing?

      every corals have polyp extension.

    • Glad to hear your coral colors have improved!

      Since you're already adding BRB, you do not need to add Ultra Bio to your dosing regimen. Bio is a bacteria-based product that can be used to maintain healthy levels of beneficial bacteria which is what BRB is already providing for your system. It is these strains which also help reduce NO3.

      If you need a stronger nutrient reduction effect, you can increase your current BAK dosage 6ml per day. This will help lower NO3 some more. The target NO3 should be 2 - 5ppm. Adding a bit more BAK will help your NO3 fall within the desirable range.

      You can reduce your PO4 even further by adding 25% more Ultra-Phos on the next change-out. Test for PO4 one week after the new batch has been added, then test again 2 weeks later. The target PO4 should be 0.02 - 0.05mg/L.
    • Dear Vinny,

      It has been a year now using Fauna Marin full Zeolithe method and I have never had so nice colors. Recently my LFS was out of ultra-bak and I had to purchase Ultra-Bio. This product is amazing in NO3 reduction with the Zeolithe, the only thing is that I got a small outbreak of Cyano recently and increasing slowly. What do you suggest to do?
      No3 dropped to 1 ppm
      Po4 dropped to 0.08 ppm.